Share funnel Clickfunnels : 6 Insane Share Funnels you have to have!

Everybody has heard of Clickfunnels? Right? This platform is experiencing huge success and I have been testing the software for a few years now.

But what is ClickFunnels really? In short it is a software platform designed to allow any business owner to build their own marketing funnels in just minutes, without needing programmers, by simply dragging and dropping elements into a Sales Page.

You will obviously need to do your own research and training, because using Funnels will totally change the way you run your business.  I would like to suggest taking a look a the Secret Funnel Strategy. This is a really great read and will totally blow your mind how you can change your business.

The Share Funnel ClickFunnels program allows you to grab your very own free pre-configured, tested,  Clickfunnels Share Funnel to help you get started building your  own business.  You get a ready-made template that you know has been tested in various markets, all you need to do is to customize and you are ready to go. Just add traffic.

What you will need: 

 Don’t have a ClickFunnels account yet? Get a 14-Day FREE Trial now!

Why I made the decision to use Share Funnel ClickFunnels.

  • What other platform allows you with a few clicks to build a complete funnel in the time it takes you to make a cup of coffee !
  • Build an entire Sales Plan without needing to hire a single programmer.
  • Have easy shopping Cart intergration.
  • Have Autoresponder intergration allowing you to grow your mail list.
  • Easy Plug and Play editing

Share funnel Clickfunnels

The ultimate list of Clickfunnels Share Funnels

1. Best Selling Book Funnel

Are you an aspiring author needing to launch the next best selling novel ?  Authors have got insane results from this funnel.Share funnel Clickfunnels Explained

2. Product Launch Funnel

Do you have the latest amazing new course that everybody is just dying to own?  Well then this funnel is just the thing for you.  You can build up hype and excitement with a pre-launch and launch video sequence allowing you to capture your new customer email address into a autoresponder in the backend.

Share funnel

3. Perfect Webinar Funnel

Webinars are a great way to connect with your audience, but you need to let people know you are having a webinar, what better way than to use the pre-configured Shared funnel.


Clickfunnels Share funnel

4. Physical Product “Real Stuff” Funnel

The Physical Product funnel works well for any business owner that has an inventory of physical products they would like to sell online. Easily outline the features and benefits or the problem your product solves. The more you can educate your audience the more likely you can convert prospects into customers!

Share funnel for Clickfunnels

5. Fishbowl Funnel

The fishbowl funnel is one of the most popular funnels.  Lead Generation is one of the fastest growing methods of growing you business. Simply place a free offer on the front-end to convince your new lead to opt in, you then follow up with another offer to good to refuce to convert that lead into a paying customer.

This Funnel is hugely successful for offline businesses.

Share funnel and how to get yours

6. Network Marketing Bridge Funnel

Are you selling an online marketing product or course ? You will want to use this funnel to build up hype and excitement about your new launch.

Share funnel for Clickfunnels

What you will need: 

 Don’t have a ClickFunnels account yet? Get a 14-Day FREE Trial now!

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