ClickFunnels Demo in 2020 – Get to Know Funnels!

Clickfunnels is a software platform designed to automate your sales process . The process is called a Sales Funnel.  The setup is quick and easy and  allows you to create a high converting marketing campaign easily converting your cold leads into paying customers. The software sells for $97 per month, allowing you to create a fully functioning Sales Funnel with easy to use Drag and Drop functionality. If you are unsure whether this software will work for your business then I would encourage you to take a look at a Clickfunnels Demo and then decide. I have a link below. Schedule the date you would prefer and be prepared to be dazzled.

Watch the ClickFunnels Demo

click the link below

What you will need to create your Funnel 

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STEP 1 – Build your Funnel

  • Log into your account .
  • From your dashboard click + Build a Funnel.  
  • On the next screen, choose e Classic Funnel Builder or the Funnel Cook Book.

How to Use clickFunnels

  • Choose your intended Goal, there is an option of Collect Emails, Sell Your Product or  Host Webinar. For our example we will choose Collect Emails as seen below.
How to Use clickFunnels Step by Step guide
  • Name Your Funnel, Enter A Group Tag , this is optional.
  • Click Build Funnel.
Steps how to use clickFunnels

STEP 2 – Choose your ClickFunnels template.

  • Select Optin.
  • Choose Your Template .


clickFunnels how to
  • Edit your new Template Page  using Page Builder. You are now able to customize the page to your business requirements.

How to Use clickFunnels and why you need Clickfunnels

  • You will be able to edit the page and remove or add different elements. Hover over the element and click the orange Gear button to make any changes.

STEP 3 – Add Integration elements into your page

  • Click on Account  Settings.
  • Select Integrations on the left hand side menu.

Please watch video below on how to do this .

ClickFunnels – Why your Business Needs this !

The entire purpose of ClickFunnels is to provide business owners with an easy plug and play platform that adds value , without the work and cost required to build a traditional website or online store. The concept of the sales funnel is not new to the sales industry, but often businesses don’t know how to apply it to their online stores. ClickFunnels removes this issue. If you feel that you are unable to build a funnel you will be able to participate in the  Share Funnel option.

Don’t have a ClickFunnels account yet? Get a 14-Day FREE Trial now!

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